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A man thinning a tree with a chainsaw

Tree Thinning and Reducing

Tree thinning and tree reduction both involve taking parts of the tree away, but they are slightly different procedures that are carried out for different reasons.

Tree Thinning

Tree thinning reduces the “sail factor” of a tree – that is, the degree to which it catches the wind. This can be an important safety measure, making the tree much more stable on windy days.

Tree thinning involves removing branches from within the crown of the tree so that the wind can pass through it more freely. It does not alter the outline of the tree, so if you are happy with its size and outward appearance, we can ensure these are not changed while also making the tree less mobile in high winds.

Tree thinning can also be an ideal solution for trees that create too much shade: for example, if a tree is blocking light to a conservatory, we can thin it out to create a more dappled effect.

Tree Reduction

In contrast to tree thinning, tree reduction does make the tree appear smaller. This can be useful for aesthetic reasons, to reduce shading, to improve stability or to address structural weaknesses – for example, by removing parts of a tree that have been affected by disease. Tree reduction involves removing branches from the crown of the tree to make it shorter or narrower. Like thinning, it can also reduce wind throw so that the tree moves about less in high winds.

Safety First

It’s important that any tree thinning or tree reduction work is carried out by a properly qualified tree surgeon working to the correct safety standards.

Our qualifications

Our owner Alan Tibbs holds an NVQ Level 2 in arboriculture and a Royal Forestry Society (RFS) certificate in arboriculture. The rest of the team are trained at least trained to NPTC (National Proficiency Test Council) level, and all have first aid certificates

Our safety standards

We ensure all our tree thinning and tree reduction work is carried out to British Safety Standard BS3998 – 2010.

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