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Stump removal

Stump Removal

Once a tree has been felled you are left with a stump which, in most cases, you will want to remove. You may wish to stop regrowth, to replant or grass over the area, or to simply remove the stump because it is unsightly. Dead stumps can also cause problems by playing host to fungal root diseases.

It’s essential a stump is removed in the right way. Stump killer must be applied after felling, after which there are several ways to remove the dead stump. The stumps of smaller trees can be pulled out with a winch; root systems can be grubbed out by hand or with a mini excavator; or a special machine known as a stump grinder can be used to reduce the stump to sawdust. We have access to different size stump grinding machines, so we are able to reach even difficult to access stumps.

Safety first

Before carrying out stump removal, we survey the underground surroundings for services such as fibre optic cables that might be disturbed by the work. Where necessary, we notify the local authorities and get them to turn off services such as water.

A trusted service

Stump removal is a challenging job that requires specialised equipment. We are proud to offer a competitively priced, speedy and efficient stump removal service carried out by experts with decades of experience between them. Our founder, Alan Tibbs, holds an NVQ Level 2 in arboriculture and a Royal Forestry Society (RFS) certificate in arboriculture, and he ensures that the rest of the team are trained at least trained to NPTC (National Proficiency Test Council) level. We all have first aid certificates and our equipment is regularly safety-checked.

Get in touch

Stump removal is commonly the final stage of a tree felling job, so if you need to have a tree removed, please get in touch to discuss how we can deal with the stump to make sure the job is complete and you do not experience regrowth or the spread of disease. If you have a stump left after a previous tree felling that needs to be removed, we can help with that too. Take advantage of our FREE tree surgery quotation today by calling 07810 307 908

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